Boxing Betting: Fury vs Wilder 3 Update

Boxing Betting: Fury vs Wilder 3 Update

Written by on September 21, 2021

October 9, 2021. That is a day that needs to be circled in your calendar. The evening needs to be wide open because only one activity should be taking place if you’re not a professional boxer. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will fight for the third time that evening, and it is a must-see event.

 Especially considering that Wilder is 42-0 with 41 KO wins when not facing Fury. He is 0-1-1 in their prior two engagements, so taking this personally is all he can do. He knows he’s better than that, beating one person isn’t impossible. The rigorous training regimen may finally come in and help.

 As for Tyson Fury, he has never lost a fight. He’s 30-0-1, with the first showdown with Wilder being the only time he didn’t secure a win. These guys fighting a third time is great for the sport. Not only is it a money grabber, but it’s also just tremendous entertainment, and it pits two of the best in the sport today against one another.

It’s time we take a look at our Boxing Betting update for the big fight so you can get all set to place your bets against the Boxing odds.

Updated Fury vs. Wilder III Betting News and Rumors

Updates from Each Side

A video was recently uncovered, claiming Fury to be a cheater. Apparently, his gloves had a bit of an issue, dating back to a fight he took part in six years ago. One of them was tampered with, and the detached left thumb part seemed to have been cut from the base.

The fans who commented on the video on YouTube believe his uncomfortable body language was a sign that he knew exactly what he was doing. Either way, it’s an interesting marketing tactic from Wilder and his camp. Trying to keep the attention on Fury’s past.

For Wilder, this is a critical fight. He knows how important a win right now is, considering he is facing off the only guy he hasn’t knocked out in the ring prior. Having the record he does, two winless bouts against somebody else is pretty much damning and is definitely a resume-ruiner.

There have also been rumors swirling that if Wilder gets the win in the fight, he would get the offer to face Anthony Joshua after. That would be an exciting battle and could give all the bettors and viewers a reason to ride with Deontay. Just to know that they will get a quick chance to see him again, not having to wait 19 months like last time.

The Deciding Factors in Picking a Winner

If everything holds to form and goes as expected, Tyson Fury is going to win the fight. He dominated last time, and it had to be stopped early. Whereas the first time they tied, it was clear in 2020 that things had changed up a bit.

In choosing the winner, it’s important to watch how each guy preps. What types of things are their camps saying to the media? There is a clear tone inflection to be mindful of, and the word choice is everything.

And if live-betting or waiting until it starts to pick a winner, it will become clear by round two who the favorite should be. Simple as that.