Garcia and Vargas 2020 Boxing Odds

Garcia vs Vargas 2020 Boxing Odds

Written by on February 28, 2020

Mikey Garcia and Jessie Vargas have a welterweight showdown and will battle it out on February 29. This event will be hosted by the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco, Texas. These legends will ultimately entertain boxing fans, as they are some of the elite boxers of this weight class. Let’s see how the Boxing odds will be for the Garcia vs Vargas.

Garcia vs Vargas 2020 Boxing Odds

 This fight seems to be getting closer and closer. The odds for Garcia and Vargas are currently at:

The Fighters

Mikey Garcia (39-1-0) is a name that has been in this sport for quite some time. He has 30 knockouts under his belt and has boxed in roughly 226 rounds. He is considered the “King” of the weight class 135 pounds and under.

Garcia stands at 66 inches and has a reach of 68 inches. He also has two championships under two different weight classes. He is also known to be a patient fighter with good striking power and persistence.

Jessie “The Pride of Las Vegas” Vargas (29-2-2) has a fighting resume that shows how hard he has worked. He has 11 knockouts from his wins and has engaged in 241 rounds.

Vargas stands at 71 inches and has a reach advantage of 71 inches. He is a former two time world champion and is returning to the ring from a year absence in an attempt to regain his 147 pound title.

Garcia vs Vargas Final Thoughts

The winner of this event will not only become a champion but will also receive the World Boxing Council Diamond belt. The WBC Diamond belt is a legendary trophy to celebrate special fights. Examples of past winners of the belt include Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins and Canelo Alvarez. Being among the winners of this trophy is a class of its own, and rightfully places you amongst some of the greatest boxers in history.

Both of these guys are tremendous fundamental boxers. Garcia is the more defensively sound fighter, while Vargas looks to have a better counter strike. Garcia plans hits strikes well. Vargas is also the taller and longer fighter, and that reach advantage could come in handy.

They both have also been out of the ring for quite some time. This could also play a factor in how these two perform, since they could potentially be a little rusty coming in or they hopefully took the time to prepare for this fight. I would assume the latter on this one, and that they both have sharpened their techniques coming into this fight.

For this fight, I would have to take Vargas. Garcia is moving up in a weight class that he does not have as much experience in. He is also coming off a loss, 11 months ago, to Errol Spence Jr. In that fight, Spence got to do whatever he wanted and fought a brilliant fight. For this one, Vargas may be able to duplicate a successful performance and come away with a decision victory.

Potential Winning Pick: Jessie Vargas Wins By Decision