CBLOL 2020 Split 1 - April 24 matches

CBLOL 2020 Split 1 – April 24 matches

Written by on April 23, 2020

CBLOL 2020 Split 1 – April 24 matches

Vivo Keyd vs FURIA Uppercut – Friday, April 24 – 14:00 BRT

Vivo Keyd are entering this bout as the CBLOL Split 1 frontrunner, with an impressive 13-5 record next to their name, which guarantees them a playoffs berth, meanwhile, FURIA still need to show a bit more before they will earn themselves a ticket for the second stage of the split.

Given that Vivo Keyd already won their playoffs ticket, we have to ask ourselves whether this team will even be motivated enough to perform up to par here. They have nothing more to fight for and considering they lost to INTZ last weekend, it seems like Jonas “Caos” Vriesman and co. decided to put their foot off the gas and rest ahead of the playoffs. FURIA, on the other side desperately need to win here and get themselves in a favourable position to secure a playoffs appearance. Although they dropped the ball last weekend, when they lost to Flamengo eSports, this is still a solid team that can go toe-to-toe with any team in CBLOL and since the league is played in an online format, which favours the underdogs, we have to side with FURIA to perform up to par and upset the unmotivated Vivo Keyd.

Prediction. FURIA Uppercut to win – Odds: +156 at MyBookie

KaBuM! e-Sports vs paiN Gaming – Friday, April 24 – 15:00 BRT

KaBuM! e-Sports and paiN Gaming met twice before this season and split one win each, which suggests these two teams match up nicely. What’s more, both sides looked equally mediocre  hroughout the season, so it’s hard to separate them and pick a winner for this bout. Having said that, when it comes to online format competition which features a very packed schedule,  omentum  f the teams becomes a very important factor and looking at these two sides, it’s KaBuM! e- Sports who hold an advantage in that department. Looking back at Week 8, KaBuM! e-Sports defeated redemption eSports POA, INTZ and Prodigy Esports, while PaiN Gaming lost to INTZ, Vivo Keyd and Redemption eSports POA. Clearly, paiN are not in the best shape, which is why it’s hard to understand why they’re priced as the favourites. The only thing they have going for them is that they already defeated KaBuM! e-Sports mid-March, but considering how poorly they have been playing recently, we have to side with the underdogs here.

Prediction: KaBuM! e-Sports to win – Odds: -105 at MyBookie

Flamengo eSports vs Redemption eSports POA – Friday, April 24 – 16:00 BRT

There is a lot so talk about for this match, but so little to say. Flamengo eSports are currently ranked second in the league with a 11-7 record, while Redemption eSports POA sit at the bottom of the league standings with 5-13 record to their name. Although there is always a chance we might see an upset win, especially in a tournament that uses an online format, it’s very difficult to find a solid reason to side with Redemption eSports POA here. Flamengo still need to win one more match this season and they surely won’t show any mercy against the whipping boys of CBLOL.

Prediction: Flamengo eSports to win – Odds: -625 at MyBookie

INTZ vs Prodigy Esports – Friday, April 24 – 17:00 BRT

Quite possibly the most exciting match of the day, and not necessarily because it will feature two of the strongest teams in the league, but instead because it will be a crucial match to win for both INTZ and Prodigy Esports who are only a couple of wins away from securing a spot in the playoffs. INTZ are entering this match with an 8-10 record, while Prodigy Esports accumulated a slightly better 9-9 record, which sits them in a three-way tie with paiN Gaming and FURIA Uppercut at third place.

Looking back, Prodigy looked somewhat iffy throughout Week 7 and 8, where they produced a 2-4 run. Their only wins came against Redemption eSports POA and Flamengo, while they failed to see the same success against paiN, Vivo Keyd, FURIA and most recently KaBuM! e-Sports. INTZ, on the other side, produced a slightly more inspiring 4-2 run through the last two competitive weeks, which included triumphs over FURIA, Redemption eSports POA, paiN and Vivo Keyd. Their only two losses came against Flamengo and KaBuM! e-Sports. INTZ look sharper heading into this match, but in our book, the odds still overvalue this team. While they did pick up a shock win against Vivo Keyd last weekend, we would not put too much emphasis on it, as VK clearly didn’t perform as good as they should. It’s also worth noting that INTZ won solely because they out drafted VK. This match can easily go both ways and while INTZ looked slightly better in recent weeks, siding with Prodigy Esports to defeat INTZ for the third time this split at +116 is by far the best bet to take.

Prediction: Prodigy Esports to win Odds: +116 at MyBookie