UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Magny Betting Preview

UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Magny Betting Preview

Written by on January 19, 2021

UFC has their next Fight Island showdown coming soon to you. Fans will be able to watch and bet on this exciting opportunity as two prominent welterweights battle it out in Michael Chiesa and Neil Magny. Let’s take a closer look at both fighters so you can bet against their MMA odds.

UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Magny Analysis | MMA Betting

  • Date: Wed, Jan 20, 11:00 AM
  • Venue: Flash Forum
  • Watch on: ESPN

Main Event Breakdown

Michael Chiesa (17-4-0)

Chiesa has moved fast up the rankings, currently placing eighth out of the welterweight division. Besides his record and ranking, he has performed well recently with a three fight winning streak to back it up.

Looking at his fighting profile, he has put together 11 wins by submission and six by decision. Even more impressive, he has six of those submissions taking care of opponents in the first round.

“Maverick” strikes with an accuracy at 39 percent and has a grappling accuracy at 51 percent. He delivers 2.07 significant strikes a minute while also taking on 1.95. Those averages are on par with the division, so this is a positive.

Chiesa defends against takedowns around 68 percent and defends against significant strikes with a defense of 52 percent. He also has averaged 3.84 takedowns and 1.10 submissions for a solid ground game each 15 minutes.

Neil Magny (24-8-0)

Magny is not far behind Chiesa at all in the rankings, coming in as the ninth best fighter in the welterweight division. Just like Chisea, he has a three fight winning streak too, but they have been three straight unanimous decision victories.

Looking into his fighting profile, it reveals that he has seven wins by knockout, three by submission, and 14 by decision. He has had plenty of second round finishes and a majority of decisions so it is no surprise that he only has one first round finish.

“Haitian Sensation” strikes with an accuracy at 48 percent and has a grappling accuracy at 45 percent. He delivers 3.96 significant strikes a minute and takes on about 2.15. For someone that does have many first round finishes, his significant strike ratio is great.

Magny typically defends against takedowns at 59 percent and does a solid job at defending against significant strikes at 56 percent. He also has averaged 2.63 takedowns and 0.30 submissions for his ground game in each 15 minutes.

Odds For Main Event

MyBookie has the moneyline currently coming in at:

*odds are subject to changes

Potential Winning Pick

The odds are in and they show Magny coming in as the favorite. Even though they stack up well on paper, can these numbers be justified?

Both fighters show moderate aggression towards their takedowns and do so at a good pace. But when it comes to significant strikes, Magny has performed well in his attempts and defending against them.

This could turn into who has the better stamina. In that regard, Magny has a knack for taking his fights the distance and winning them unanimously.

Magny wins by decision