2019 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team.

2019 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team

Written by on August 6, 2019

As the NFL Preseason gets underway this week, football will be a part of our lives one way or another until February. With every team thinking that this will be the year that they get to the Super Bowl, let’s make NFL Betting predictions for how each team will finish the 2019 preseason.

2019 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

The Bills will be looking at potential backups for an aging LeSean McCoy. Defensively, they have a strong unit returning, so they’ll be looking for reserves. Josh Allen is their quarterback. Buffalo will go 2-2.

Miami Dolphins

This team is in rebuild mode. It looks as though Ryan Fitzpatrick will be under center. They traded for Josh Rosen, so we’ll see a lot of him this preseason. The Dolphins will need to see who can play for them. They go 3-1 this preseason.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick hates to lose games, period. They’ll be looking for wide receiver depth and a replacement for Rob Gronkowski. They go at least 2-2.

New York Jets

When teams are putting a new system in, they tend to play their starters a little more than normal. The Jets finish over .500 in the preseason.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

How much of the new offense will we see in the preseason? John Harbaugh will limit his quarterbacks as to how much they can run. It’ll be a tough preseason for the Ravens.

Cleveland Browns

Now that Baker Mayfield is established as the starter, and he has an arsenal of offensive weapons, we probably won’t see much from them. They just want to get through the preseason without anyone getting hurt.

Cincinnati Bengals

A new coach, a new offense, more starters playing = more preseason wins.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is getting old, so the Steelers will be looking at future replacements. They’ll have a good preseason.

AFC North

Houston Texans

The Texans will be auditioning offensive linemen. Bill O’Brien is an offensive-minded guy, and he’ll be looking for a running back to step up, so they’re going to win 2-3 games.

Indianapolis Colts

We probably won’t see much if any of Andrew Luck. Jacoby Brissett will be the man in charge. The Colts won’t show much, and will likely just be looking to get to the season healthy. 1-3 for them.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Nick Foles is the man in Jacksonville. Their defense will be ready to rebound. Both backup quarterbacks are very inexperienced, so we look for a poor preseason record for the Jags.

Tennessee Titans

How much of Marcus Mariota will we see? We could see a lot of Ryan Tannehill. This team will look to get a lot out of their running game, so we’ll see who can play behind Derrick Henry. Tannehill will see a lot of action, thus leading to a successful preseason.

AFC West

Denver Broncos

Joe Flacco is the starter. Drew Lock looked awful in the Hall of Fame game. The Broncos will lean heavily on their defense this season. 2-2 for the Broncos.

Kansas City Chiefs

We won’t see much of Pat Mahomes. We’ll see a lot of Chad Henne. No more than 2 wins here.

Los Angeles Chargers

With no Melvin Gordon in camp, the running backs will be looking to make an impression. With Tyrod Taylor expected to take many of the snaps, the Chargers should win at least 3 games.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are already a mess. They won’t win much in the preseason.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Chase Daniel will be on the field for a majority of the snaps. The Bears may give in on offense to give their kickers a chance to kick meaningful field goals. 2-2 here.

Detroit Lions

Matt Patricia now has a year under his belt and will look to improve the Lions this year. 2-2 in the preseason sounds about right for this team.

Green Bay Packers

New coach, new system, and very little Aaron Rodgers. Deshone Kizer sees a lot of snaps, which doesn’t bode well for the Pack. 1-2 wins.

Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer has a history of winning preseason games. History tends to repeat itself, so we’ll go with 3 wins for the Vikes.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

With no Ezekiel Elliott in camp, the Cowboys will be looking for someone to step up. The backup quarterback situation isn’t good, which means that the Cowboys will struggle. 2 wins tops.

New York Giants

It’s already been a long camp for the Giants. We won’t see much if any of Saquon Barkley. Daniel Jones will be playing for a starting spot sooner rather than later. Giants have enough to win 2.

Philadelphia Eagles

Nate Sudfeld and Clayton Thorson will be fighting for the backup quarterback spot. This is big, as Carson Wentz can’t seem to get through a whole season. Eagles win 3.

Washington Redskins

Colt McCoy, Case Keenum, and Dwayne Haskins will be fighting for a starting spot. 3, maybe even 4 wins for the Skins.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Matt Schaub leads the Falcons this preseason. 1 win.

Carolina Panthers

With Cam Newton’s health still a question mark, we’ll see an intense backup QB battle. 2-3 wins for the Panthers.

New Orleans Saints

Teddy Bridgewater, Taysom Hill, and JT Barrett will see most of the action. This is a formidable group and should get 3 wins.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians takes over for Dirk Koetter. Unfortunately, we’ll be seeing a lot of Blaine Gabbert. 1 win.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury will be looking to implement his new offense. Arizona wins 2-3 games.

Los Angeles Rams

This team has nothing to prove in the preseason. Blake Bortles was signed to back up Jared Goff, and he’ll be looking to show everyone that he still belongs in the league. 2-3 wins.

San Francisco 49ers

Nick Mullen and CJ Beathard saw a lot of action in the regular season last year. That will translate to preseason wins. At least 3 of them.

Seattle Seahawks

Paxton Lynch and Geno Smith. Blah……1-2 wins for the Seattle Seahawks.