NFL Betting: 2021 Season Week 7 SU Picks

NFL Betting: 2021 Season Week 7 SU Picks

Written by on October 20, 2021

Week 7 of the 2021 NFL season is here, and we’re excited to see some great NFL action. We have had a lot of surprises this season, and we’re sure to see even more this weekend. Let’s take a look at this week’s slate of games, and we’ll give you some straight-up NFL Betting predictions. 

NFL Week 7 Straight Up Betting Picks

Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns

The Broncos are on a three-game losing streak. The Browns have had their fair share of injury issues early in the season. Baker Mayfield has a bad shoulder but says he will play. We’re not sure if we’ll see Nick Chubb or Odell Beckham Jr. this week. 

Cleveland is the better team right now, and we’re picking them to win on Thursday night. 

Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants 

The Panthers have lost three in a row, and it’s obvious that they miss Christian McCaffrey. Daniel Jones is back and has played well this season, but not having Saquon Barkley and some other key pieces has hurt the Giants.

Carolina gets back on the winning track this week. 

New York Jets @ New England Patriots 

Mac Jones and Zach Wilson have shown signs that they’ll be good, but they’re still making way too many mistakes. While neither team looks like a Super Bowl contender, the Patriots are the better of the two and will win.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans 

The Titans had a huge win over the Bills at home on Monday night. The Chiefs beat Washington, but they just don’t look right for some reason. This will be a battle, but we like the Chiefs to take care of business and beat the Titans.

Washington Football Team @ Green Bay Packers 

Aaron Rodgers will exploit the Washington defense that has been a huge disappointment this season. Things just can’t seem to go right for Washington. Green Bay wins.

Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins 

Neither of these teams look like teams that have a shot at the playoffs. Atlanta has had two weeks to prepare for Miami. Miami is coming off of a loss to Jacksonville in London and doesn’t even get a bye after leaving the country. This is a recipe for disaster for Miami. We like Atlanta in this one. 

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens 

The Bengals are catching up to the Ravens, but they’re still a year or two away from being at Baltimore’s level. This one will be a close one and will be fun to watch, but we’re giving the nod to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. 

Detroit Lions @ Los Angeles Rams 

Detroit is 0-6, and Dan Campbell is calling his quarterback, the former Ram Jared Goff, out. This isn’t good heading into a game with one of the best teams in the league. Rams all the way.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders 

Could the end of the Jon Gruden era light a fire under the Raiders? It looks like it did last week. Philadelphia has been inconsistent all season. At times they look like they’re ready to breakthrough, but in others, they look like a mediocre football team. The Raiders win this one. 

Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals 

Houston can’t wait for the season to get over. Arizona is still undefeated. After this week, they’ll be 7-0.

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Bears’ defense has looked good this season, but we’re still not sure what their identity really is on offense. Tampa Bay is just too good for the Bear right now. Brady wins again. 

Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers 

Carson Wentz and the Colts look like they’ve turned the corner. We’re still not sure who the 49ers really are. We like the Colts here.

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks 

Without Russell Wilson, Seattle just isn’t the same team. The Seattle defense has been atrocious for much of the season. Seattle knows that their backs are against the wall, and since they’re at home, we’ll go with them in this one.