NFL Betting News: Player Trades So Far

NFL Betting News: Player Trades So Far

Written by on April 12, 2021

Up until the last few years, NFL trades were very uncommon. However, with free agency and salary cap implications having major influence on team personnel decisions, we’ve seen more and more trades over the past few seasons. This offseason, we’ve seen numerous trades. Let’s go over some of the latest rumors, and talk about how some recent trades may cause more trades to be made. With that in mind, let’s jump right into action so you can get ready to make your bets against their NFL odds.

Updated Hot NFL Player Trades

When the New York Jets traded Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers, they made it known that they were going to take a quarterback with the second pick in this year’s draft. With the 49ers having already traded up for the third pick, and many believing that they were also going to take a quarterback, that put the Atlanta Falcons in a great spot.

Atlanta currently holds the fourth selection in the draft. Atlanta has a lot of options with this pick. They could keep it and go in any number of directions, or they could put it up for sale to the highest bidder. Teams that are in the market for a quarterback know that the first three selections are going to be quarterbacks and that there are only five quarterbacks worthy of a high selection. That leaves only two top quarterbacks on the board when the Falcons step up to the podium. There will be teams hungry to get their hands on Atlanta’s pick, so we could see a team throw numerous picks at the Falcons for their selection.

Just a few weeks ago, all of the trade rumors were about Deshaun Watson. That was before all of the sexual misconduct civil lawsuits were filed against Watson. Prior to the lawsuits, the Texans were adamant that Watson wasn’t going anywhere. Now we’re not sure what the Texans will do. They know that his value has gone down tremendously. It’s also a gamble for them to trade him away now. They’d be getting pennies on the dollar, and if the rumors about the misconduct are proven to be false, a team would have stolen Watson from them. This situation is an interesting one, and is one worth watching.

Picks 5-8 in this year’s draft are worth watching. All four of the teams involved with those picks (Bengals, Dolphins, Lions, & Panthers) either already have their quarterback of the future, or just traded for a new quarterback. We’re still not sure on whether or not Miami thinks that Tua Tagovailoa is their quarterback of the future, so Miami could do something at six.

Teams that are still in search of a quarterback could make a deal with one of those four teams. Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Justin Fields are the three quarterbacks that could still be available at pick #5. The Dolphins probably have the most leverage with the sixth pick because teams know that the other three teams probably aren’t going to draft a quarterback, but the Dolphins have yet to tip their hand.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks is going to be very fun for the NFL. Trades have made the offseason even more fun than it already is!