Betting Stats On The Top Five NFC Super Bowl 54 Favorites.

Betting Stats On The Top Five NFC Super Bowl 54 Favorites

Written by on August 15, 2019

With the NFL season just around the corner, everyone is getting anxious for the NFL season. With this week’s slate of games being the halfway point for the pre-season, the regular season is close. Since the NFL season is upon us, let’s take a look at the top five Super Bowl favorites from the NFC and dive into some of their NFL Betting statistics.

Betting Stats On The Top Five NFC Super Bowl 54 Favorites

New Orleans Saints +850

Counting the playoffs, the Saints were 10-8 against the spread in 2018. With a defense that is generally considered to be in the bottom half of NFL defenses, the Saints won games with their offense. Since they are such an offensive-centered team, and they struggled defensively, they generally had high point total predictions. With that being said, the Saints and their opponents were under the total in 11 of their 18 games in 2018. With Drew Brees generally thought to be on the decline, and the Saints improving defensively, we don’t look for the point total predictions to be as high this season. The Saints have a treacherous schedule this season, so we could see them as underdogs more this season than we have in the past.

Los Angeles Rams +900

The Rams went 9-9-1 against the spread in 2018. Last season, the Rams and their opponents hit the over in 9 of their 19 games. With a high powered offense, and an average defense, the numbers were normally fairly high. This season’s spreads should be fairly close, as the Rams will meet up with the AFC North. They’ll have tough games with the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens. Not to mention that they’ll meet the Saints, and they’ll have division games with the Seahawks and the up-and-coming 49ers.

Chicago Bears +1200

The Bears were unreal against the spread last year, going 12-5. They went over the point total in 8 of their 17 games. The Bears took people by surprise last season. Their defense was phenomenal, while their offense was inconsistent. This year, the defense looks to be dominant once again, while the offense should be improved from last year. The Bears schedule is one of the hardest in the NFL. Not only do they have their divisional games, but they also play the Chargers, Cowboys, Rams, Saints, Eagles, and Chiefs. With their dominant defense, their point totals should be lower.

Philadelphia Eagles +1200

The Eagles were 9-9 against the spread last year. In 7 of their 18 games, they hit the over on the point totals. The Eagles are hoping to have Carson Wentz for the full season, and they have added some offensive weapons. This should lead to higher point totals. Their early season schedule is one of the easiest in the NFL, so look for them to be able to take some games against the spread, and put up some decent point totals.

Green Bay Packers +1800

Green Bay was 6-9-1 against the spread in 2018. They were 8-8 on the over/under point totals. Now that the Packers have a new offensive-minded coach, we should see the point totals go up for them offensively. The Packers have also made improvements on the defensive side of the ball, so their opponents won’t be putting up points like they have the past few years. If Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy, and can work well in head coach Matt LaFleur’s offense, the Packers should be favored in a majority of their games, and should be able to cover the spread.