NFL Betting: 2021 Draft 3rd Pick Overall Predictions

NFL Betting: 2021 Draft 3rd Pick Overall Predictions

Written by on March 11, 2021

As the NFL Draft approaches, there are all sorts of rumors floating around. Players are rising up the draft boards, while others are falling. One position that is always intriguing is the quarterback position. The quarterback position is the most important position in the game, and may even be the most important position in team sports. Teams are always looking for the next great quarterback. Let’s have a look to our 2021 Draft predictions so you can get ready to make your bets against their NFL Draft odds.

3rd Pick Overall of the 2021 NFL Draft: Why is Justin Fields on Top

This year’s draft class is full of good quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields lead this talented class of quarterbacks. Speaking of Fields, there have been lots of rumors floating around about him. A few months ago, Fields was widely thought to be the second-best quarterback prospect behind Trevor Lawrence. But over the past few weeks, things have changed, as many experts have Fields dropping down their draft boards.

Many questions about Fields have arisen. His performance late in the Big 10 season drew some attention from evaluators. However, his performance in the College Football Playoffs showed the evaluators how tough and gritty he was, as he battled through injuries to lead Ohio State to the National Championship game.

As is the case with any draft prospect, the more that teams study film, the more flaws they seem to find. One major flaw that teams have found is that he focuses too much on his primary receiver. Evaluators feel that he doesn’t see the whole field and that he doesn’t process his reads quick enough.

Another thing that is going against Fields is the lack of success that Ohio State quarterbacks have had in the NFL. Dwayne Haskins was picked in the first round two seasons ago, and he has already been released by the Washington Football Team. Ohio State quarterbacks are known as “system” quarterbacks, and that normally doesn’t translate well into an NFL setting.

Now that we’ve covered all of Fields’ flaws, let’s talk about the good things. He’s very physically gifted. Much like Josh Allen, he can beat you with his very strong arm, or he can beat you with his legs. Teams are enamored with his physical gifts, and many coaches and their staffs think that they can mold Fields into a star quarterback.

In the upcoming draft, many feel that it is a foregone conclusion that Trevor Lawrence will be the first pick. The New York Jets hold the second pick, and many feel that they will draft a wide receiver. They could take a quarterback, but the popular opinion is that the Jets still believe in Sam Darnold and think that if they surround him with some better players that he can be an elite quarterback.

That brings us to the third pick. That pick is currently held by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins just drafted Tua Tagovailoa with the sixth pick in last year’s draft. After an underwhelming rookie season, many are questioning if Tua is truly Miami’s quarterback of the future. If they were to draft another quarterback, or they traded the pick, Fields would be a great addition.

Even though Zach Wilson from BYU is skyrocketing up the draft boards, there are still many questions surrounding him. We think that Fields has shown that he is ready for the NFL, and that he would be a great selection with the third pick in this year’s draft.