NHL Betting: 2021 Regular Season Teams That Didn't Meet Expectations

NHL Betting: 2021 Regular Season Teams That Didn’t Meet Expectations

Written by on May 7, 2021

Coming off of a short layoff from the 2020 season and having a new league format, there were bound to be some issues with the 2021 NHL season. Some teams have been better than advertised, while others have been major disappointments. Let’s take a look at some of the teams who have not lived up to expectations this season so you can keep betting against their NHL odds.

 2021 NHL Regular Season: Most Disappointing Teams

Philadelphia Flyers

After Philadelphia made a run in last year’s playoffs, many felt that the Flyers would once again be a playoff team. Even though they’ve had COVID and injury issues, most other teams have had those same issues. Matt Niskanen retired, and that was a big blow to the Flyers defense, but it wasn’t a big enough blow to make the Flyers head in the wrong direction. 

Philadelphia had a good defensive unit last season, but this year they haven’t played as well. Their goaltending has also been a big issue. The youth of the defense has shown their inexperience this season, and it has gotten them into trouble. The offense hasn’t played up to its potential either. All in all, Philadelphia has taken a step back this season, and they’re not going to make the playoffs. 

The fan base has voiced their displeasure, and it should be an interesting offseason for this group. General Manager Chuck Fletcher will have his work cut out for him. If Philadelphia doesn’t make improvements, and they struggle again next season, wholesale changes could be made.

Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks are currently sitting in the last place in the North Division standings. Many thought that after last season, the Canucks would be a playoff team this season. They exceeded expectations last season, and now they’re paying for it. 

The Canucks got off to a horrid start, and they’ve never been able to recover. They’ve been better as of late, but they just dug themselves too big of a hole. Offensively they’ve been decent, but they’ve really struggled on the defensive side. Their goal differential is -33. 

This team has too much talent to be in the spot that they are in. Someone will have to take the fall, and it could be the head coach or other members of the coaching staff. 

Buffalo Sabres

We knew Buffalo was going to be bad, but we didn’t think they would be this bad. Buffalo seems to be in constant rebuild mode, and we don’t see the results of the rebuilding process. Many are saying that it’s time for Buffalo to blow everything up again and start from scratch. With only 37 points and a -56 goal differential, it’s hard to argue against that strategy. 

Jack Eichel has played for the Sabres for six seasons. In those six seasons, he’s had, three different head coaches and three different general managers. A culture has to be established, or a rebuild just won’t work. There needs to be consistency, and there has yet to be any in Buffalo. Until a winning culture is established, the Sabres will be a mediocre team at best.