2018 ATP US Open Betting Preview

2018 ATP US Open Betting Preview

Written by on August 27, 2018

So here we go again.  It seems like we have a gap between the top three and the rest, which may come as a surprise to some with the ages of the top dogs all over the age of 30.  Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic have split the first three majors this season and have a combined 16-1 record, with an asterisk there as the only loss came from a meeting of Djokovic and Federer in the Cincinnati Final. So who’s the odds favorite to win the 2018 ATP US Open?

2018 ATP US Open Betting Preview

Federer Bringing his Skills

Given these stats and their current pace on the sport, I’d say odds are one of these men will win the U.S. Open as well.  At least, if you gave me these three versus the field, I’d take nearly any betting odds.  Each of the three offers something different for fans as well, which is something I particularly love about the sport and its current state.  Roger Federer is so technically sharp, it appears as if his racquette is a paintbrush and the court, his palette.

Nadal Has the Energy

Rafael Nadal is so emotionally charged that he comes off as a soldier fighting for his next morning with each and every serve or return.  Novak Djokovic seems to have an answer for most anything he sees.  He is relentless in his return game and also seems to rarely be out conditioned in his matches, oftentimes making his opposition look silly before the match is over due to running them out of steam.

Wawrinka has the Talent

On dark horse of mention on the men’s side may be Stan Wawrinka.  He has been held down by injury for much of the season, but historically, he saves his best stuff for Grand Slam events.  He showed he may be ready for a great match by his performance in Toronto and Cincinnati recently.  Wawrinka has a tough match in round one against Grigor Dimitrov, but if he can move on, look for a promising campaign in the Open from the Stanimal.

Women’s Tournament

On the women’s side, Serena is still Serena so it is tough to bet against her, but Sloane Stephens is right there with her and ready to make a charge into the hearts of tennis lovers.  I can see the passing of the torch coming sooner than I ever had in the past.

Others Behind Serena

Madison Keys is looking good and seems to be poised to make a run for the Open as well, while traditional front runner, Caroline Wosniaki has only played in one solo match since losing at Wimbledon in the second round, so I doubt she comes from nowhere to challenge the top brass in the game this go around.  I expect Simona Halep to capitalize on her chance to cement herself as the number one woman in the world, a spot that has been held by many in the past several years, but none have held it for long.  With mention of Simona Halep, it is hard to not give credit to a potential dark horse in this one as well.  After defeating Halep just last week, Kiki Bartens is showing she may not be ready to go down without a fight.  I like her momentum and the confidence has to be there after such recent success versus the top competition in the world.